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Fawn Fritzen


Fawn is the mother of two girls. You may know her as a singer and songwriter or as the Leading Lady at The Frantic Follies. 

Her eldest daughter Jade suddenly developed epilepsy at age 2, and each medication they tried seemed to cause even more seizures. Finally, Jade went on a very strict "ketogenic diet" supervised by a neurology team at BC Children's Hospital. After 18 months on the diet, Jade became seizure-free. She was able to return to a normal diet 5 years later and remains seizure-free.

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angela drainville


Angela is the mother of two boys, including one academically gifted young man with epilepsy. Angela and her boys have been in the Yukon for two years, but she remembers what it was like trying to identify and navigate services and supports in the Yukon.

When she's not working on the Epilepsy Yukon website, she can be found working as the Executive Director of the Miles Canyon Historic Railway Society, teaching Health & Safety for Northern Safety Network Yukon or acting as the Producer/Artistic Director of the Atlin Arts & Music Festival.

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some faces behind epilepsy Yukon



Nicole Beaudry


​Nicole is no stranger to navigating the world of medical services, as her son Griffin was born with a genetic disorder. Griffin's seizures were a type that can be difficult to recognize: absence seizures. Nicole's energetic advocacy and a good relationship with her family doctor's office quickly got Griffin to his first EEG. They had to try a couple of different medications, but with the help of the medical team at Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton, Griffin was able to get his seizures under control.

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